Adventure in Asia

We have just returned from a six-week adventure to Asia.

We first stopped in Istanbul Turkey and saw The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia Museum and Topkapi Palace Museum. We were there for two days, we wished it was longer.

We then went on to Malaysia where we spent a week in the Cameron Highlands based in Tanah Rata, which is the food producing area of Malaysia. The way they grow the food is amazing as the farms are terraced on the side of hills and all are covered with plastic to prevent damage from the rain.

Rafflesia Flower

Rafflesia Flower

Here I hiked for three hours through the jungle, it seemed like it was uphill all the way, to see the Rafflesia flower, the largest flower in the world. The one I saw was 47 Inches across.

We also did several other jungle treks and visited tea plantations, strawberry, orchid, bee, watercress farms, etc.  We loved the Indian food of the area.  We had perfect weather and temperatures as we were in the Highlands.

Our next stop was the National Park, Tena Negara where we had to take a 69 km river boat ride to get there.  It was a 130 million year old natural forest as it has never been logged.  We visited an aboriginal village where they demonstrated their skills at making blow pipe darts for hunting.  These people totally live off the jungle.  We found this very very interesting.

Ipoh was our next destination.  Not really a tourist town, but we found lots to do.  We visited the Buddhist caves that were very ornate.  We toured a 400 million year old cave system that was very large and had 340+ steps and took over two hours to do.

View of the Gaharu Tea Plantation

View of the Gaharu Tea Plantation

We went to the Gaharu Valley Tea Plantation in Gopeng where they took us for a tour of the plantation and we bought some of the tea.

Ipoh is famous for its Chicken and Bean Sprouts which were delicious.

We spent the day at a very beautiful and interesting theme park and hot springs with a lot of history of the tin mines that built Ipoh.

We really enjoyed Malaysia especially the food which we mostly ate from the street vendors.

Weather was great with no rain, even though it was the rainy season.

Next was a two-week stay in Bali at Medewi Bay Retreat, near the ocean but not the tourist area.  Our first adventure was some great snorkelling for over four hours.  This was our first experience of snorkelling and it could not have been better.  Water was calm and warm, coral was great, fish were plentiful and very very colourful.  We went to three areas with three different kinds of coral.

We took trips around Bali organized by our facility.  We experienced a Plantation tour which included a Rubber and Coconut plantations.  We also did the Bali Lakes tour.  Our most favourite way to travel was on a motor bike which we rented for three days and had a great adventure and it was on one of these days we came by a Hindu cremation by the side of the road and we were invited to observe and be part of the celebration.

Ceremony In Bali

Ceremony In Bali

We were invited to a local Bali Hindu Ceremony for coming of age, naming for a 3 month old baby and a wedding.  In Bali, they usually combine ceremonies.  This was very interesting and moving.  It lasted all day and was very colorful.

The people of Bali that we met were very friendly and caring people.  Every time we stopped, someone would come and talk to us and offer us some food or a drink from a fresh coconut.

From the relaxed atmosphere of Bali we went on to the ultra organized, efficient and bustling Hong Kong where we took the Deluxe Big Bus tour and saw most of the tourist places.  We really enjoyed our time there.




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  1. Jim Martell says:

    Welcome home Mariam and John, we missed you. Sounds like a wonderful time away. Good to see and experience new things. All good here and we are off snowshoeing today. Nice and sunny in Red Bay. So glad you made it home safe and I am sure you enjoyed your new travel experiences.
    Jim and Martha

  2. Kaye Inshaw says:

    Wow! That sounds like quite the adventure! Looking forward tohearing more and seeing lots of pictures.
    Kaye and Gerry

  3. Welcome home! I enjoyed armchair travels by reading your post here. Thanks for sharing, and hope to chat soon. Grey-Bruce Adventours is unfolding nicely, and I am excited to tell you about it. Ciao for now. Sandra J.

  4. Dave says:

    What an adventure!

    You two are enjoying the RIDE creating your own reality, keep it going – if we only come this way once, you will need a lot of memories to fill up your eternity.

    All the best.

  5. cathy wright says:

    Welcome home guys! What s great diary! it all sounded amazing. want to hear more about your motor bike tour. who drove? just got home from mick’s so will chat soon. luv cath

  6. Janet says:

    Welcome Home wishes to the fun couple. You really are quite the travellers off the beaten path! What a trip. Glad you’re back safe. We’ll be home early part of May. Love Janet and Ken.

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